Church membership is our way of saying “I’m all in.” In a day often characterized by a lack of commitment and where true connection is often missing church membership is saying that we are committed to each other. Committed to growing in our relationship with Christ together, caring for each other, and to our mission to reach our community with the good news of Jesus.

Why Membership Matters

At Northland we practice covenant membership. A covenant is a formal agreement between two or more parties. As a member of Northland Baptist Church, we covenant together to:

  • Promote Unity within our church by loving one another in our words and actions

  • Partner with one another to accomplish the mission of our church

  • Pray regularly for the ministries, members, and leaders of our church.

  • Provide for the financial needs of our church by giving regularly and generously.

  • Pursue the advancement of the Kingdom of God by exercising our spiritual gifts and talents to spread the Gospel and build up the body of Christ.

  • Protect the testimony of our church by attending regularly, living godly lives, keeping Christ at the center of our families, and raising our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

How to Become a Member

The first step in the process of membership is to join us for our monthly More About Northland lunch. During More About Northland you’ll have a chance to have your questions answered about the church, what we believe, and what membership looks like. After More About Northland, if you desire to pursue membership, you will meet with one of our pastors for a membership interview. Finally, after being approved by our pastors for membership you will be affirmed by the congregation at our quarterly Member’s Meetings.

If you have any questions about the membership process or would like to pursue membership, please contact our Pastor of Member Care and Connection, Allen Lindholt, by emailing him at