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Our mission for LifeGroups is to connect every person at Northland to authentic community that will lead to spiritual transformation.

God’s Design

Imagine a church where every person was experiencing God's good design for living and growing in community with others? We are not meant to follow Jesus alone. From the beginning, it has been God’s good design for people to live and grow in the context of community.  As iron sharpens iron, we need each other to grow in Christ-likeness and to make it through the ups and downs life throws our way.

Following Jesus Together

We follow Jesus’ example in pursuit of His great commission to make disciples. A disciple is someone who is fully devoted to Jesus, is active within a body of believers, and seeking . Gathering in smaller groups is an ideal environment for authentic community and real discipleship to take place as we follow Jesus together.

Join Us!

We want every person at Northland to experience the joy of community. That is why we offer an abundance of LifeGroups that meet both in homes and at the church building, both on Sunday morning, Sunday night and throughout the week. Joining a LifeGroup can help a big church feel like a small group of friends. We’d be happy to help you and your family find a LifeGroup. See all of the groups available in the list below.

LifeGroup Map

Numbers on the map indicate a LifeGroup location in that general area. Check the list of groups below for the corresponding group leaders.



9:00 AM              

  • Student Ministry LifeGroups in LG4

  • Brandon & Staci Porras in LG2 (Parents Group)

  • Blake Hearson and Ace Chambers in LG3


10:30 AM

  • Sandy Temple and Carol Costanzo in LG1 (Ladies Group)


  • Bob Katzenberger and Bruce Fjellman in LG2

  • Kim Clay @ Donna's Home (Ladies Group)


6:00 PM

  • Rustin & Leslie Umstattd 

@ Umstattd’s Home (childcare provided)

  • Steven Cochran, Willie Hunter, and Jamie Barber

@ Cochran’s Home (childcare provided)


  • Jeremiah & Hannah Copenhaver and Jason Doty

@ Doty’s Home (childcare provided)

  • Micah Marrs and Steven Masters

@ Robinson's Home (childcare provided)


  • Tyler & Abby Rosas and Karsten Harrison

@ Rosas’ Home


6:30 PM

  • Bob Thomas and Brett Morris

@ Morris' Home (childcare provided)

  • Tom & Susan Purkaple, Andy Sander, and Keven McKee

in Fellowship Hall 1 (childcare provided)


  • Terry Anderson in LG2 (Ladies Group)


6:30 PM

  • Steven Cline and Jared Tefft

in Fellowship Hall 1 (childcare provided)

  • Jesse Holt and Dan Lennander

in LG4 (childcare provided)

  • Kyler Keith and Braedyn Mitchell

@ Mitchell's Home (childcare provided)



6:30 PM

  • Dan Cogan, Caleb Collins, and Michael Stewart
    @ First Baptist Church of North Kansas City (2205 Iron St.)


10:00 AM

  • Wilbur Roberts and Dan Rorabaugh
    in Fellowship Hall 1 (Senior Adults Group)


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