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What to Expect

Our services at Northland are casual and include Bible teaching and contemporary band led worship in a relaxed and welcoming environment. You’re encouraged to come early to drop your children off in their classrooms and grab a coffee or tea before services begin. If you have questions about upcoming events or need help navigating the building our volunteers are happy to help you and your family.


At Northland we believe that worship is more than an hour on Sunday morning. Worship is when we give our whole life to Jesus Christ in obedience to Him. Worship is about reflecting Christ in our families, on our jobs, at our schools, and in our neighborhoods. Yet, worship is also that time when we come together each week as a church family to sing praises to our great King and to hear the message proclaimed from His Word. Our worship style at Northland is relaxed and contemporary. God has blessed us with a wonderful worship team who work hard each week to lead the church into God’s presence. We hope that you will come be a part of worship at Northland Church.


At Northland Church we put a high priority on the Bible and one of the main avenues we have for teaching and encouraging each other from the Bible is the Sunday morning sermon. When you come to Northland you will most likely find us working our way each week through a book of the Bible. We believe that by preaching through a whole book we allow all of God’s Word to be heard by His people. We have multiple preachers at Northland, so from week to week you may see a different face on stage, but you can be confident that each person holds the Bible in high regard and seeks each week to make the message applicable to your life.