Gospel Music

About Us

We exist to lead people to experience a Transforming Encounter with God, a Growing Relationship with Jesus, Authentic Community with Others, and Fulfilling Service Opportunities.



We preach the gospel from the pulpit every Sunday, we speak it to each other daily, and we proclaim it in our community. We are passionate about proclaiming the gospel because it is the only thing that can provide hope to a lost and dying world. When we encounter God, he transforms everything.

Authentic Community

We want to be more than a friendly church, we want to be a church where you find true friends. You can find friendly at Walmart, we want you to find a community. A community that encourages you daily, a community that walks through hard things together, a community that celebrates life together.


Our relationship with God is more than a transformational encounter, it is a transforming walk with Christ each and every day. As we walk with him we grow in our knowledge of him and in obedience to him, being shaped daily into the image of the Son. As a church, we want to encourage you to abide with him in the word and in prayer daily.


We’ve all been gifted by God; gifted with talents, skills, and passions. At Northland we don’t want to fill openings, we want to find what excites you and find opportunities for you to build up the body of Christ with those gifts.