Life Groups

Learning | Inviting | Fellowshipping | Engaging

Learning - Transformation occurs as we measure our life with God's standards.  We only know God's standard as God has revealed it in the Bible.  These groups will study the Bible each week as we seek to learn more about our great God.

Inviting - Jesus left us our task in the Great Commission.  These small groups are small enough to develop relationships with other members but large enough for visitors to feel comfortable.  The Gospel is be the center point of these groups.

Fellowshipping - At Northland we seek to do life together.  Our church is comprised of diverse members.  Our fellowship will occur through these groups.  Members of these groups build deeper relationships as they pray and meet the needs of each other.  Smaller accountability relationships are encouraged as relationships deepen.

Engaging - Northland seeks to function as the body of Christ here on earth.  These small groups form the basic block through which we engage the community in service in the name of Christ.