designated to birth church plants.

We believe in building the kingdom of God not necessarily the kingdom of Northland Baptist. The most effective way to expand God’s kingdom is planting new churches. Northland participates in this endeavor in the following 2 ways:


Supporting Church Plants and Church Planters-Northland has a church planting legacy:


Fellowship of Grace - Launched in 2006, Northland served as primary sponsoring church. FOG continues to be a light in the Zona Rosa area of Kansas City. They have also birthed a church plant, Legacy.


Genuine Community Church - Tim and Betsy Coffey were commissioned to begin a church plant in Tucson, Arizona. Tim was ordained on Jun 23, 2013 and Northland is serving as a support church providing prayer, money, and mission teams to this ministry.


House of God - This church made up of mostly people from Liberia, and some from other countries in Africa, give Northland a diverse sound of worship on Sunday mornings during our 10:30 am worship hour as they meet in a space designated to birth church plants.