At Northland Baptist Church we believe that God has given men an immense responsibility in today’s world. We are to be strong leaders, good husbands and fruitful providers. Perhaps the highest calling we have is to be the mature spiritual leaders in our household. Northland wants to help strengthen men in our church to be everything that God has called them to be. We do this by:

Meeting up- Every month we have a Men’s breakfast as well as other various events from time to time. Sometimes they are just for us guys and we provide opportunities for family fellowship.

Growing together- In order to be the men that God has called us to be, we must know what He says! During our monthly meetings we dedicate a time to studying and discussing God’s word.

Being men on mission- God has also called us to not only know Him and grow together but to share his loving Gospel message with the world! Northland’s men’s ministry hopes to provide ways that we can be His hands and his feet.