Life Groups

Our Life groups are communities where people endeavor to follow Jesus together in becoming and making disciples.  


We are not meant to follow Jesus alone. God’s good design was for us to glorify him and to live and thrive in community. From the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Gethsemane, God has been putting people together to accomplish his plan in their life.


To God’s design, we follow Jesus’ example in pursuit of his great commission to make disciples. A disciple is someone active within a believing community in self-pursuit of their relationship with Jesus, obedient to the Spirit, unified, and reproducing. Gathering in smaller groups I ideal for real discipleship and community to take place.


Text Centered - Sermon-based groups where the Bible is central and learning to study, understand, and apply it better is paramount. Because the Bible is authoritative, unchanging, and unifying. It reveals God and leads us to proper belief and worship of Him

Transformation Focused – Not just life together, but worship, repentance, and deliverance from sin and the lies we believe are pursued.

Together Serving the Body – Seeking opportunities to give of our unique group of testimonies, time, and talents to build up the church.

Together Advancing the Gospel – Starting with us, to help see the gospel work its way outward to our lost families, communities, and around the world

Fall Life Groups 2018

Every spring and fall we will open up groups and time slots that will meet all semester long, breaking for Christmas and Summer. However, groups can add new members throughout each session as they choose.  If you’d like to join a group, please sign up or email the Pastor of Discipleship, Ken Blackwell. We’d be happy to help you find a life group.

Life Group Study Guide

As Part of our small groups each week we study and discuss the passage from the Sunday sermon.

A selection of questions is included here each week. The Discussion Guide is available under the weekly Sermon  resources and shared in the weekly eNews. You can also grab a printed copy in the lobby.