Our Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to lead people to experience a Transforming Encounter with God, a Growing Relationship with Jesus, Authentic Community with Others, and Fulfilling Service Opportunities.

What you believe shapes the way that you live your life and the lives of those around you. If you want to see how our beliefs shape our community we encourage you to join us for a Sunday Worship Service.

  • Bible - The Bible is inspired, fully trustworthy and without error in the original writings. There is nothing that can be added to it or anything that can be taken from it. The Bible is the revealed word of God and is useful for teaching, encouraging, & correcting. This is why our preaching is fro the Bible and is at the center of all of our gatherings.
  • God - There is one God who exists in three equally divine persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He is the beginning and the end of all things. He is the creator of the universe and of all life. All history moves toward Him and finds its culmination in His sovereign plan.
  • Humanity - God created mankind in His own image, humanity is God's crowning work in creation. Our purpose was to  glorify God and live in relationship with Him. Rather than fulfill our purpose we have rejected and sinned against him and now face eternal separation from God.
  • The Good News - The gospel is good news that God, our righteous King, because of his great love for us, sent his Son Jesus to live, die, and be raised from the dead in our place for the punishment for our sins. Now through faith in Jesus we can be reconciled to God and through the power of his Spirit we can live as citizens of his kingdom in relationship with Him and as a representation of Him. 
  • The Church - The Church is God's chosen instrument to bring His Gospel to every man, woman, and child. There is one Church of which Jesus Christ is the head. The Church is made up of every person who places their trust in the finished work of Jesus. 

For a more thorough understand of our beliefs see the Baptist Faith & Message